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Tiger Cub Program
The Tiger Cub program is unique in that every Tiger must have an adult accompanying him
on his adventures in Scouting. The adult does not necessarily need to be one of his parents,
but can be a grandparent, older brother or sister, or a very good friend of the family.
Regardless, it is someone who serves as that boy's adult partner. The adult partner must be
at least 18 years old.
What do Tigers do at the Pack Meetings?
Hopefully, they will get an opportunity to partake in the Pack
meeting because no one likes to come to a meeting and not be
able to participate. For example, if you were running the
Pinewood Derby, then it would be normal for the Tigers to
participate with their own cars and in their own age division. At
Blue and Gold banquets, they should have their own table(s)
and participate in the normal activities of cake decorating and
performing some part of the dinner's activities.
Can Tigers earn belt loops?
Yes, and this gives them something to coordinate with the
activities of their Tiger Cub den such as marbles, bowling or
any one of the academic and sports activities.
Do Tigers need to fill out a Tour Permit?
Since the parents are always accompanying their own children,
there appears to be little reason to complete a Tour Permit, but
if the pack would feel more comfortable having one
completed, that is not a problem.
Who wears a uniform in the Tiger Cub Program?
The Tiger Cub and the adult partner should both have the
Tiger t-shirt.
What should Tigers do when they first start their
They should all have a copy of the Tiger Cub activity packet;
the program should be explained to them; they should
exchange each Tiger Cub/Adult partner contact information;
and they should review the program together to discuss what
activities each Tiger Cub and Adult partner want to consider
for their leadership involvement in the overall Tiger program.
What is shared leadership?
Shared leadership is the concept used in the Tiger Cub
program that allows each Tiger Cub and his Adult partner to
take on the opportunity of hosting one or more activities for
their Tiger Cub den.
How many Tigers should be in a Den?
Normally, a den should consist of no fewer than four and
certainly no more than eight Tigers. If a pack signs up nine or
more Tigers, they should split into dens of four and five. This
allows for some growth as well. Because each Tiger really
means two people and sometimes more because of both
parents going on an adventure, it is important to keep the size
of these dens down within the range mentioned.
Can a Tiger Den have one Den Leader?
Yes, and that person would serve as the yearlong coordinator
for that den. Their job is to make sure that everyone is aware
of each activity and to help keep people within the
communication loop. They can fill in at times to make sure that
activities are fulfilled but they should not replace the concept
of shared leadership as this is one of the very basic concepts
of the Tiger Cub program.
What should Tiger Cubs do as they reach the conclusion
of their program year?
The Cubmaster or Den Leader Coach should arrange a
meeting in order to explain the transition from Tiger Cubs to
Wolves. Explain how the Wolf book works, talk to them about
the Bobcat requirements, and help to secure a leader for the
Wolf den which should be formed from the individual Tiger
Cub dens. Normally, and as a matter of record, about 90% of
the Tiger dens will have no problem providing leadership for
their own den. This is because of the strong bond that is
created in the Tiger den. The Cubmaster should arrange an
appropriate ceremony for graduating the Tigers to Wolves.
Emergency Repair of the Tiger Den
In the beginning, it is important that every Tiger be treated like
they are new because they are new. The concepts need to be
explained thoroughly and then reinforced through action and
suggestion. If the Tiger Cub den stops meeting, it is important
to make sure that your pack's monitoring system is in place
and that an immediate attempt is made to get the Tiger den
back on track. It's important to start them off right. Several
hours in the beginning should be all that it takes to get them
going in the right direction. Positive reinforcement through
phone calls, pack meetings, and special visits from the
Cubmaster will go a long way to making it successful program.
Is the Tiger Cub Program Important?
You bet! It is a great program that requires both adults and
boys get together for their program efforts. It reinforces the
family concept of Cub Scouting. It introduces many concepts
of the full Cub Scout program. It starts them off on their first
Day Camp program. It provides a wonderful transition for new
leaders for the pack. Done correctly, the Tiger Cubs provide
the necessary building blocks for a strong Cub Scout pack as
boys transition into the Wolf dens and beyond.