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Public Relations Chairman. Takes pictures of Pack meetings and other
Pack functions. Maintains Pack scrapbook. Publicizes Pack events and
coordinates the publication of the Pack newsletter.
Quartermaster. Maintains an inventory of Pack property. Stores,
transports, assembles and disassembles Pack equipment for Pack meetings.
Secretary. Maintains Pack records, records minutes at monthly Pack
Committee meetings and handles Pack correspondence.
Activity Coordinators
Blue & Gold Coordinator. Coordinates the Blue & Gold Committee in the
planning and organization of the Blue & Gold annual Pack banquet.
Derby Coordinator. Coordinates the Derby Committee in the planning and
organization of the annual Pinewood or Space Derby or Raingutter Regatta.
CampOut Coordinator. Organizes an annual camp-out for Cub Scouts and
their fathers.
Picnic Coordinator. Coordinates the Summer Picnic Committee in the
planning and organization of the annual Summer Pack Picnic.
Outings Chairman. Coordinates the Outings committees in the
organization of outside Pack activities.
Fundraising Committee Coordinator. Plans and organizes the annual
Pack candy sale including collection of proceeds and distribution of candy
and prizes.
We Need Some Helping Hands
Adult volunteers are key to a successful Cub Scout program.
Below are descriptions of the volunteer positions which need to
be filled each year. A parent in each family is expected to fill
one or more of these positions. Thanks to all parents who give
of their time and talents to help make the Scouting program
fun and rewarding for our sons!
e-mail us and let us know if you would like to fill
one of the positions. Don't be overwhelmed or say to
yourself "I don't have any experience" We are parents
same as you, we were overwelmed also but recieved
direction, had no experience but recieved training. We
have the resources here to help and to get it
organized majority of it you could do from home. Be
involved with your son and his pack and make Pack