Cub Master: Karen Leverich
Tiger Cub Coach: Vicki Wagner
Wolf Den Leader: Tonya McGlothin
Bear Den Leader: Carolyn Ernst

Parent Responsibilities
When joining Pack 395, each parent or adult family
member agrees to support their son in the following ways:
1. See that he has the proper uniform and handbook;
2. Assist him in attending weekly Den meeting and
monthly Pack meetings;
3. Work with him to complete achievements for his rank
4. Return information forms and permission slips as
5. Support his Den Leader as a resource person or
substitute as asked;
6. Agree to serve in some leadership capacity as called
7. Provide input to the Den Leader or Pack leadership
with regard to Pack or Den programming.
Purposes of Cub Scouting
The Boy Scouts of America began Cub
Scouting as a program for younger boys
more than 58 years ago. The purposes of
Cub Scouting state that Parents, Leaders and
Organizations work together to achieve the
1. Influence the development of character and
encourage spiritual growth;
2. Develop habits and attitudes of good
3. Encourage good sportsmanship and pride
in growing strong in mind and body;
4. Improve understanding within the family;
5. Strengthen the ability to get along with and
to respect others;
6. Foster a sense of personal achievement b
developing new interest and skills;
7. Show how to be helpful and to do one's
8. Provide fun and exciting new things to do;
9. Prepare Cubs to become Boy Scouts.
I promise to do my best, to do
my duty to God and my
to help other people, and to
obey the law of the Pack.

Pack 395 Lebanon Junction, Kentucky
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